Legal Action

Oral arguments have been scheduled for 10/10/19 at 3:30pm before Judge McHugh at the 12th Circuit Court.


Both Sarasota County and Benderson have filed their responses to Judge McHugh’s “show cause” order.  Ralf Brookes has sent in to the judge his reply and filed a request for oral arguments.

The most recent status on the lawsuit (Writ of Certiorari) is that Judge McHugh issued a “Show Cause” order on 4/17 to the County, giving it 30 days to explain why she should not overturn the County Commission December 2018 approval.  This was based on all of the information that was filed in the Writ, and that it “demonstrates a preliminary basis for relief.”  (see below article from the Newsleader).  The County must respond to the court by 5/18/19.


Writ of Certiorari amended filing 1/22/19

writ of certiorari, amended and filed 1_22_19

Writ of Certiorari, Legal Action filed 1/11/19

A very concerned and motivated resident of Siesta Key has been pursuing an avenue through which the approval of the Siesta Promenade application by the Board of County Commissioners could be overturned.

This resident has, on his own, raised funds which enabled Attorney Ralf Brookes to be  engaged to handle this case with the pro bono assistance of Morgan Bentley.  As most of you may know, Morgan laid the groundwork for an appeal by sending letters to County Attorney Alan Roddy, pointing out the many procedural and other errors that were taking place. To see these letters, please see entries below on this page.

A Petition for a Writ of Certiorari was filed on Friday, 1/11/19 with the 12th Circuit Court of Appeal.

This Writ of Certiorari is a request for an order of the court to quash and remand the decision for failure to afford procedural due process and failure to comply with essential requirements of law.  A link to the Writ will be made available on this page once amendments are finalized.

To continue go forward with this legal action, we will need additional funding.  Morgan Bentley is providing an Attorney Trust account for all donations, without any charge. Having an Attorney Trust account provides a guarantee that all funds will be used correctly and also, returned, pro rata, should they not be fully utilized.

This case is winnable!  Our goal is to ensure that development of the land located at the Stickney Point Road/US-41 intersection is developed in a compatible manner with the surrounding residential neighborhoods and retail establishments. It should not be detrimental to their quality of life, health, safety and welfare, nor cause undue hardship for anyone wishing to access Siesta Key.

Your support is crucial and can be accomplished with a check made out to the following:

Bentley & Bruning, P.A.
Re: Siesta Promenade Trust Account
783 S Orange Ave, Suite 300
Sarasota, FL  34236

The mission statement for this legal action is:

Siesta Promenade Litigation Mission Statement