Media Coverage

Your Observer, Arguments heard on 6/23/20 in Second District Court of Appeals



Herald Tribune, 1/11/20  coverage of appeal and the process



Newsleader 1/10/20  District Court of Appeal to consider appeal of court decision

DAC to consider appeal of Circuit Court decision 1.10.20



Siesta Observer reports on appeal of Judge McHugh’s ruling


Newsleader 12/12/19 reporting on the FDOT hearing regarding the jurisdictional transfer of Stickney Pt.

Newsleader, 12.12.19, FDOT implored to maintain Stickney Pt. jurisdiction


Newleader 12/5/19 reporting on the request by the public for FDOT to hold a public hearing regarding the transfer of jurisdiction of Stickney Pt to Sarasota County

Newsleader, 12.5.19, requests prompts FDOT hearing


Newsleader 12/5/19  reporting on the Circuit Court ruling

Newsleader, 12.5.19, Circuit Court judge rules


Newsleader 10/18/19  reporting on the Oral Arguments before Judge McHugh.

Newsleader 10.18.19


Siesta Observer 10/17/19  reporting on the Oral Arguments before Judge McHugh


Newsleader 9/13/19  addresses the 9/5/19 posting by Benderson regarding the commencement of “active construction” on the site.

Newsleader, 9_13_19 Contrary to Facebook post, construction of Siesta Promenade has not begu 1



Newsleader 5/15/19   Ralf Brookes, attorney for Sura Kochman, plaintiff,  has requested the 12th Judicial Circuit Court judge to schedule oral arguments due to the complexity of the case and to afford the judge an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification of the issues. 

Newsleader, 8.15.19, Oral arguments sought in lawsuit challenging County Commission approval of Siest



Siesta Observer 5/3/19   Siesta Key leaders optimistic over judge’s order, plus issues with new permit application




Newsleader 5/3/19  Site clearing application becomes earth-moving application

Newsleader, 5.3.19, Earthmoving permit application recommended for representative of Benderson Devel 1



Newsleader 4/26/19  Judge orders Sarasota County to “show cause.”

Newsleader, 4.26.19, Judge in Siesta Promenade case orders Sarasota County to ‘show cause’ as to why



NewsLeader 1/18/19  Lawsuit filed to halt Siesta Promenade

lawsuit filed to halt siesta promenade

Siesta Observer 1/17/19 Battle to halt development of Siesta Promenade

Herald Tribune 1/16/19  Lawsuit filed


NewsLeader 12/14/18  Siesta Promenade wins approval 

Siesta Promenade wins approval as designed

Herald Tribune 12/13/18  Approval of Siesta Promenade

Siesta Observer 12/12/18   Commission approves Siesta Promenade

 Herald Tribune 12/9/18  2 guest columns:

Bendersonville cartoon


SRQ Daily 12/8/18 Response to former Commission Caraguilo’s article regarding living in a “nice place” causes traffic and issues that one has to deal with.

Herald Tribune 11/26/18   County Commission scheduled to hear the application and developer vs opposition comments

Newsleader 11/22/18  Traffic mitigation includes flaws

Traffic mitigation includes flaws, Siesta Promenade_s

Newsleader 11/22/18  Planning Commission recommends CAP approval, 5-2

Planning Commission recommends approval of Siesta Promenade 11_22_18

Newsleader 11/9/18  Attorney requests continuance, canned responses on Benderson website, demonstration planned and Planning Commission hearing info

Attorney calls for county staff to continue upcoming public hearings on proposal 11_9_18

Siesta Observer 11/8/18  Attorney requests continuance, demonstration planned, and Planning Commission hearing on 11/15 5pm


Newsleader 11/2/18  Attorney warns County regarding due process violation.

Attorney raises due process issue with Sarasota County 11_2_18


Siesta Sand November 2018 – Attorney warns that Sarasota County that procedures are not being followed.

Attorney warns _county staff not following procedures 11_2018

Newsleader 10/18/18

Siesta Promenade , 8,379 more vehicle trips per day

ABC Action News, Tampa 10/16/18

Siesta Observer 10/4/18

Siesta Promenade Moves Toward Hearing

Sarasota News Leader 10/5/18

Attorney warns that county staff has not followed county procedures

Benderson Development creates website and Facebook page in effort to encourage public support for Siesta Promenade proposal

SNN 10/2/18

Neighbors oppose proposed ‘Siesta Promenade’

Siesta Sand 9/27/18

Traffic remains primary focal point for public anger directed at Siesta Promenade proposal

Sarasota News Leader 8/9/18

Siesta Promenade opponents arguing that one public hearing on four facets of application would not allow sufficient time for speakers to address concerns

Siesta Observer 8/9/18  (Note: The reporter almost has it all correct. It is 414 apts, not 501, and Sura Kochman represents the interests of the Pine Shores Neighborhood Alliance – there is no president.)

Siesta Promenade plans under review

The Herald Tribune 8/2/16

Astonishing jump in crashes near proposed Siesta Promenade